New York Travel Diary Pt. 2: West Village

In part 2 of my New York travel diary, I showcase one of my favorite tops that I bought this year from the Zara sale, a striped crop top that ties at the waist. It was quite the miracle when I found it, because I was returning some things that I bought on the online sale and just decided to peruse the store. Lo and behold only one left! I found it in the rack of all the other blue-striped tops – very in trend now, by the way. I am also wearing a pair of jeans that I also got from the Zara sale, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop lately. Peep the hem to see why! (In addition, one of my good friends found it and picked it out for me while shopping! I owe her one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I loved the setting that we chose for our shoot, and it was actually a suggestion by my photographer, Amanda Villarosa, an NYC native. I love when the photographers I’m working with can show me cool alleyways/neighborhoods that are great to shoot in, especially if I’m not from that area. The neighborhood that we chose was West Village, a posh and wealthy neighborhood right next to SoHo. They’re known for their pretty residential townhomes, cobblestone streets, and great dining. We met up for coffee, and started shooting from there! Take a look at the pics.



How cute is this latte?? We asked them to make it pretty, and this is what the barista came up with! Heart eyes for sure! ๐Ÿ˜


The cutest cafe and outdoor seating: Bluestone Lane. (and OMG I just found out they’re opening one up in SF! I MUST go sometime soon!!)







We found steps, we found steps!! New York goals achieved.



We loved this street that we stumbled upon with the brick buildings. Had to avoid passing cars for these shots!

Top: Zaraย (sold out, but similar here, hereย (both $21), and here ($30) // Bottoms: Zara (sold out, but similar hereย (only $25!!!), hereย ($35!), and hereย ($80)). [Some great keywords to search for if you’re looking for these type of hem jeans are ‘frayed’, ‘staggered’, ‘uneven’ hems. I did a quick search of these and really liked all the options I saw! Jagged hems are super in right now. ]// Shoes: Caslon (sold out, refer to my last post for similar links!) // Bag at cafe: Longchamp // Bag in streets: Forever 21ย (other cute onesย here and here, all under <$30!)

I was able to find links to REALLY affordable alternatives, and I’m so proud of myself!! Jeans for under $40?? What a steal! I love when I can find a really great deal because, to me, fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement.

I’m also just so in love with these photos that I took here in New York. I’m going to cherish these photos for a lifetime.

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Til next time,

Xo Sarah


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